May 25, 2015

How to unlink an existing apple id from iPad?

Forest has a good answer for this, but here's a link to the Apple ID support page in case you need it:
From Apple support:

To remove a device or computer from your Apple ID:

1. Click to open your account in iTunes, or use these steps:

Open iTunes, choose Store > Sign In, then enter your Apple ID and password.

Choose Store > View Account.

2. Click Manage Devices in the iTunes in the Cloud section.

3. Click Remove next to the device that you want to remove.

When you remove your Apple ID from a device, the 90-day limit stays in place on that device. But you can associate your Apple ID to another device that doesn't have the 90-day limit. Depending on when you associated the device, you might need to wait to associate it to a new Apple ID.
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