May 19, 2015

How to stop Excel error message for too many data points?

When trying to create a chart with information trending over a long period of time I keep receiving this error message:


"The maximum number of data points you can use in a data series for a 2-D chart is 32,000. If you want to use more than 32,000 data points, you must create two or more series."

What can I do to stop this error?


1st recommendation: do a redundant backup now, i.e., 2 copies in removable media

2nd one: copy a few files and test them in other computers and/or upload them here

3nd one: uninstall and reinstall Excel

4th: ran an online antivirus, then update your AV definitions

5th: same for malware detectors (i.e., Spy Bot Search & Destroy)

6th: general backup

7th: format disks and reinstall Windows and software

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