May 17, 2015

Adobe reader error when opening document.

When you click on the button "Open" the pdf document is issued :"there was an error opening this document. Unable to find the file." What could be wrong? I asked the user to check for viruses. He said that periodically check for viruses (Kaspersky).
I've had exactly that issue before and the solution that worked for me was to move the PDF file from a network drive to the local C: drive before opening it with Reader X. Reader X's PDF reader/renderer runs in a sandbox and had issues reading from or writing to the location where the PDF file resided so moving the file to a location where I was able to successfully open a file before worked.
Walter has a good answer, but here's a link to the Acrobat Reader support page in case you need more information:
If you open any other pdf file in the same way - the error also occurs? Try just update Acrobat to the latest version. Thus consider the corresponding install on each Axle). Or put SumatrŅƒ for example. If this way doesn't help, then you will be able to recover the file using Recovery Toolbox for PDF
There is a good forum. You can watch this thread there.
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