May 11, 2015

Why is Tor Cloud shutting down?

I had high hopes for Tor Cloud, a project that would provide a simple method to deploy bridges on Amazon EC2 cloud platform and provide bandwidth for the Tor network. I just read the news that it was cancelled. What happened?
I guess that happens, if some toy is used against its inventor to bypass censorship.
This recent post on the Tor blog gives some details on the reasons:
"The main reason for discontinuing Tor Cloud is the fact that software requires maintenance, and Tor Cloud is no exception. There is at least one major bug in the Tor Cloud image that makes it completely dysfunctional (meaning that users could not use this particular service to access the Internet), and there are over a dozen other bugs, at least one of them of highest priority. Probably as a result of these bugs, the number of Tor Cloud bridges has steadily declined since early 2014."
I think this was a case of cash flow. Sadly Tor cloud was not getting much traffic of money and it could only stay alive so long without any people staffing the backend.
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