May 08, 2015

How do I move my apps to my sd card without rooting or a computer

my LG optimus optimus exceed2 will not let my move apps to sd card need help running out of storage
as far as i know it is impossible to move apps to sd card. what you can move are contacts, music, videos etc.
You can utilize some third-party software like iTools, iFunbox. They can help you manager your data, just try it!
You'll also need to enable USB Debugging on your phone. that's easily enough done by heading to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging. You'll get a warning message, but just ok that you'll be fine.

Once you've done all the above, the process is as follows:

1. Connect the Phone to the PC in Charge Only mode
2. Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD, you'll need to run as Administrator)
3. Navigate to the folder you extracted ADB to. In my case, the command would be "cd\Android" (minus the quotes).
4. Type adb devices and press enter. You should then see the serial number of your phone displayed on screen. If you don't check, that USB Debugging is enabled and you're connected in Charge Only Mode.
5. Type adb shell, press enter.
6. Type pm setInstallLocation 2 press enter (it's important you enter this exactly as written as it's case sensitive)
7. Type Exit, then disconnect your phone.
8. PROFIT! :)
I can't help you directly with this, but here's a link to the LG support site. You might be able to find the answer there:
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