Sep 21, 2011

How to take screenshots on Android phone?

Press Sleep button and Home button simultaneously.

Usually, to take screenshots on Android Phone, you should press simultaneously the power button and the home button or the power button and the volume down button. If these two ways don’t work on your phone, you have to resort to some screenshot programs like Screenshot Free and Screenshot Ultimate. 


You can simply tap vol- and power button at the same time.

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Here's a helpful video that explains how to to screen captures:


See some of the comments as well as there are some tips there that might be of use to you.

Press Back key then press Power key your screen will go BLACK then press again power KEy so u get the Unlock screen and unlock your screen then pick the screen u want to Capture and press the HOME aka Menu BUTTON, it will make a screenshot. with it u can make more then one SS to Leave this mode JUST PRESS BACK KEY. that means if you ever press the back key u will loose the ability to take SS with the home button


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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S II, first root your phone, then take screenshots by pressing the Home + Lock buttons. If not, you'll have to download an app. Screenshot apps include Screenshot It!, Screenshot, ShootMe, and PicMe.

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