May 07, 2015

What will Windows Server 2016 add to Windows Server?

Windows Server 2016 is slated for release sometime next year. What major new features will it add that Windows Server 2012 didn’t have?
There are several major changes I've seen discussed:

1) Container support. With containers all the rage, Microsoft is building it into the OS. There will also be a number of enhanced cloud features like improved OneDrive, SharePoint integration and other tweaks.

2) SharePoint enhancements, including a new way of patching.

3) Improved Hyper-V, including server resilliancy and a new micro-server that loads the bare minimum of the OS needed to deploy extremely small footprint servers.

4) Storage enhancements that include VM storage performance, support for Storag Spaces across multiple servers and synchronous replication.

5) New security and management features for tighter management of the server and intrusion detection.
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