May 06, 2015

Is Adobe Flash Player supported on Linux?

The correct answer is: it depends. There are some Linux distros that include Flash support. Others, like Ubuntu, require the user to install some media codecs and Flash after installation of the OS to avoid licensing issues. Some OS's refuse to support it since Flash is "encumbered" with licensing requirements. So, pick your Linux distro based on your needs, and if your needs include Flash player, choose accordingly.
Flash is obsolete, with HTML5 supposed to be taking over. Assuming that Google doesn't try to do some shady do-hickery.
You can still use Gnash. Now that Adobe are making the move to HTML5 output from their product the good news is that there are unlikely to be any more changes to Flash that will cause problems with the open source alternatives.
No, it only could support WinXP/Win2003/Vista/Win7 and Andriod.
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