May 04, 2015

What are the main differences between Windows Server 2003 and 2012?

With WS2003 EOL is here, so the transition to a new version is happening whether I’m ready or not. What are the biggest difference that a typical small business will notice when making the switch from WS2003 to WS2012?
Microsoft has a downloadable PDF that lists the major differences. I wasn't able to find it in another form, but if you want to read it:

Some of the major changes to Server 2012 (there are more in the PDF referenced above):
Supports Hyper-V Network Virtualization and Hyper-V replica.
Supports shared nothing live migration.
Better scalability and performance.
Supports SMB 3.0 File Storage.
Supports VDI.

Here's a link that might help give you some background on Windows Server 2012:
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