May 04, 2015

What advantages, if any, does tape backup still have over other backup formats?

I know that there are still plenty of legacy tape backups in use and that new ones are still available. Do they have any remaining advantages over other methods of backup, or are they an anachronism on the verge of disappearing?
Tape Backup vs. Disk Backup: Which is Right for Your Business?

"Tape backup vs. disk backup, in the past, was not an easy decision to make. The newness of disk systems made it risky, plus tape backup was already proven to reliably get the job done. Today, the decision is simple. Disk backup makes more logical sense in terms of cost, storage capacity, speed and usability."
I’d put durability and longevity at the top of the list of advantages for tape backup. Personally, I think some of the durability figures for other types of backup are overly conservative and rather short, especially with SSDs. But better safe than sorry, I suppose.

Another advantage of tape is speed. You can expect 500MB/s or more with tape, versus maybe a quarter of that with a HDD. Yes, tape backup is linear, which has positives and negatives, but for now I'd still put speed as an advantage for tape.
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