Sep 20, 2011

Is there a way to prevent your kids from texting while driving?

Short of turning off texting on my daughter's phone, i'm not sure how I can prevent her from texting while driving. They say that texting while driving is even more dangerous than driving drunk. Does anyone know of some kind of tool that would give me more control over how she uses her phone?

I know this question was from quite a while ago, but there are plenty of new apps out now that help with this. This one is especially popular with the teens: www.text.ninja

Yes, give them a flip phone.


Location Labs makes some of the coolest tools for worrisome parents. They include location tracking devices and yes, even a tool to prevent your kid for texting while driving. Although this is being marketed to parents, it probably would come in handy for businesses too, because using it could bring down insurance rates and prevent your company's drivers from getting into fatal accidents.


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