Sep 19, 2011

Is there a computer program that can track my progress with federal contracting processes?

My company is interested in seeking government contracts, but first I'm trying to locate some kind of software to help manage the lifecycle of our projects so that we can build up a good reputation as a trusted vendor to the federal government. Since this is the first time I'm trying to get all my ducks lined up before pulling the trigger. 


Having project management in place, even before you bid, is a terrific idea.  That way, your project team can hit the ground running immediately after your company is awarded a contract --- staying on track and on schedule throughout the life of the project.  My company created an affordable, software-as-a-service tool which has a virtual collaborative center for coordinating and managing workflow, from start to finish, among your team members.  On top of that, this tool helps you quickly identify government contract opportunities that are suitable for your company.  You can get more information about this software-as-a-service tool at ezgovopps.com.  By using this business tool to stay on track and on schedule, you are on your way to establishing a good reputation as a trusted government contractor.

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