Sep 06, 2011

Would you consider tech purchases with a 'green' bent?

A lot of people make purchase decisions based on price or functionality, but as more of the tech industry turns to "green" production techniques, we'll likely start seeing devices that were created with more thought given to their impact on the environment, especially when it comes time to dispose of them. Would you consider purchasing a product over another one based on how green the device is?

Well, I'd certainly lean toward a "green" device if it also cut it in terms of features and price. It would be nice to have solar powered phones and tablets (assuming they also have a battery).

I think manufacturers and consumers are both becoming much more conscious about this sort of thing. It will take time though for this new consciousness to be reflected in actual products.

In the meantime, we all ought to make sure we are recycling our current products as much as possible. That's a great way to help protect the environment while also making sure that today's products are recycled into new products as much as possible.

Functionality and price/performance still trumps whether or not the products were made using nasty toxins like arsenic and selenium. And with the economy, I'm not sure how "Green" something is matters a great deal.


Apple has filed for 5 solar energy patents. Since they're usually at the cutting edge of technology, look for green devices to become fairly popular - in 5 years or so!

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