Sep 06, 2011

What does Amazon need to do to compete against the iPad?

It's widely-believed that Amazon is preparing a tablet to compete against the iPad. What must they do to make it a successful product, seeing as so many Android tablets have been failures.


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You obviously have never been behind the scenes in a customer oriented business. The customer is by no means always right. Matter of fact, the customer is often a complete pain in the behind whom you just want to go away. Even if it means losing a sale, you rid yourself of a customer who is never going to be satisfied and is going to do nothing but complain. Better to excise them and let them complain about a competitor.

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Well the Kindle Fire is out now, but is it enough to compete against the iPad?

I think it will appeal to people who want a cheaper, smaller tablet. And also to those who wish to stay within the Amazon content ecosystem. However, I don't think it goes far enough to really compete with people who would buy an iPad.

The iPad is more robust in terms of capabilities, hardware and feature sets. I think Amazon should consider releasing a larger tablet that is more in line with the iPad. They should keep the smaller Kindle Fire available for those who want a cheaper and smaller unit, but they should offer something that the higher end of the market could also purchase and enjoy.

Right now I'm sticking with my iPad 1. It does everything I need a tablet to do so downgrading to the Kindle Fire really makes no sense. There's just not enough there to get me to give up my iPad.

When the iPad 3 finally arrives I will probably upgrade to it. I'm looking for a higher resolution screen and I think Apple will deliver it. I'll keep my eye on the Kindle Fire, but right now it's just not enough to interest me.

It looks like they've got some features people might like:

smaller than the ipad (7")

half the price of the ipad ($250)

movie streaming from Amazon's streaming service

not much local storage - uses Amazon cloud storage

bundled with $79 Amazon Prime service


There are more details where I read about the Amazon tablet:


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