Sep 02, 2011

Can I speed up my netbook by adding more memory?

We've got a Dell netbook kicking around the office that was my predecessor's, and it's quite slow. It's running Windows 7. Can I make it faster if I add more RAM?

I'm not sure what the maximum amount of RAM is on your netbook, but I'd try to add as much as you can. Windows loves RAM so the more, the merrier.

I generally try to add more RAM in all of my computers and devices, if at all possible. It helps speed things up and that helps me get my work done with less headaches. I hate waiting for slow machines. Ugh.

I'd check your documentation to see how much RAM you can put in that thing and then go for it. The only hesitation I'd have about that though is if you are planning to replace it anytime soon. In that case I might just stick with it as it is and then buy a new one with way more RAM.

Definitely.  If you have 1GB memory and upgrade it to 2GB you will see a noticeable increase in performance.  I speak from experience having recently done this with mine.  Also it is only the starter edition of Win 7 that is limited to 2GB, if you have one of the other varieties you will be able to upgrade further.


You would probably see no improvement in speed by adding more RAM to a netbook. They tend to use lower-cost cpu's, and Windows for netbooks tends to be limited to 2GB. (this is a dumb limitation. thanks Microsoft!)

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