Sep 02, 2011

I have followed the instructions on how to transfer contacts from a blackberry to an iphone by creating a gmail account.

I followed all the instructions and right at the end it asked me for athe password for the exchange account 'exchange'. I entered my gmail password but it does not work. What other password do I need, and where do I find it?


Here is the Macworld tutorial on how to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone: http://bit.ly/macworld-tutorial

Here's an IT World article about how to do this, for those who might be wondering.

Transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone or Android

"As iPhones and Android phones get more powerful and gain more enterprise support, many folks are leaving the rounded realm of BlackBerry for the two big touchscreens. Most BlackBerry owners have built up an extensive list of contacts from their many, many texts and emails, and might wonder how they'll survive the trip. But take heart: you don't need to pull out your SIM card and pray, or load cumbersome transfer software. In fact, you're one text message away from transferring your contacts to nearly any smartphone."

The account name has to be your full Gmail email address. "Exchange" is a stupid word for this, but it's the same setup for using Microsoft Exchange servers for corporate email.


Thanks, i have managed it.

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