Sep 01, 2011

Help finding a contracting opportunity?

My company is seeking to push into new markets, and I'm wondering if there's a way to find government contracting opportunities that would be an appropriate match for my company's skillsets / services. Can anyone recommend a website that has a complete listing of what's available?


It's great that you are ready to branch out into new markets!  Unfortunately, the govt. doesn't post all of it RFPs on a single site.  Each govt. agency has its own site and maintains its own listing.  So you're going to a bunch of different sites, scrolling through long lists of RFPs at each site.  Who has the time to do all of that?  My company developed an affordable resource (a software-as-a-service) that has all govt. contract opportunities listed in one place.  It's quick and easy to use.  And, being new to this arena, you would probably benefit from the market intelligence this resource can give you with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Check it out for yourself at www.ezgovopps.com.  Good luck, Silverhawk!

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