Aug 31, 2011

Need flexible help desk management ticketing system

Any recommendations for ticketing system software for internal use? We'd like to start tracking our work better and it would be nice to have a program that could generate reports about tickets monthly and annually to see where we're spending more of our time.


We have had great success with FocalScope for organizing ourselves internally. Since you are specifically looking for reporting, FocalScope lets you generate both static and live reports for in depth analysis of every aspect of your internal processes/communications. I can also say the interface is very familiar and took us very little time to learn since it looks like most email clients.



I've worked with a number of help desk ticketing systems, including the freebie that came with the first edition of Microsoft Sharepoint and a horrific bumbling16-bit btrieve-based thing and a custom one that I developed in FileMaker Pro several years back which is still in use today. But by far the best commercial Help Desk ticketing system I've used is Track-It. Highly-recommended.


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