Apr 24, 2015

Did Samsung replace the OK Google feature with S-Voice on the Galaxy S6?

I’m thinking of a new device, specifically looking at the S6 and the Nexus 6. Has Samsung replaced OK Google with their own voice command system, S-voice? I like using OK Google and I’m used to it. Can it still be used on an S6?
“Ok Google” has been removed from the Galaxy S6, and no one knows why

"One of the best features of the Google search app is the ability to perform a search from anywhere by saying “Ok Google.” In fact, it was one of our 7 cool tricks every Android phone user should know. Unfortunately, not every Android user is able to take advantage of this feature anymore.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users across the web and in Android Forums have recently been complaining about the removal of “Ok Google” from everywhere. Instead they are only able to say “Ok Google” from within the Google search app, which defeats the purpose of using the voice command."
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