Apr 16, 2015

How to pair Windows 8 phone with Bluetooth device?

My mom got a Windows 8 phone, her first, and she wants me to help her out with it. I’ve only used Android and iOS phones, so it’s new to me too. What do I need to do to pair it with a bluetooth speaker?
I see that paxprose has already answered your question. But here's a link to the Windows Phone support page in case you need it:

"Make sure that the accessory or device you want to pair is turned on and in pairing mode, so your phone can connect to it.

In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon, tap Bluetooth, and then turn the Status to On Toggle icon.

Your phone will search for any discoverable Bluetooth accessories or devices. It will also be discoverable to other Bluetooth accessories or devices near you while you're on this screen. Make sure your phone stays unlocked during pairing.

Tap the name of the accessory or device that you want to pair with your phone.

If a PIN (also called a pairing code) is required, do one of the following:

In the Pairing accessory message box, make sure that both the phone and the accessory or device display the same PIN, then tap OK.
Enter the PIN for your accessory if you're asked for it, then tap Done."
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