Apr 16, 2015

How long will a SSD last?

How long can I expect a SSD to last before it fails?
Consumer-grade SSDs actually last a hell of a long time

"How long, exactly, do SSDs last? It’s a difficult question to answer because estimating an SSD’s life requires taking a whole lot of factors into consideration—type and amount of NAND used in the drive, overall write amplification, read/write cycle, and more. When we did our in-depth examination of how SSDs work a couple of years back, we looked a bit at how those factors affect drive life, but TechReport is going even further than that and has been subjecting six drives to a long-term torture test to actually measure, rather than estimate, the drives’ service life.

The results are impressive: the consumer-grade SSDs tested all made it to at least 700TB of writes before failing. Three of the drives have written 1PB (that’s a thousand terabytes, by TechReport’s decimal reckoning, not 1024TB). That’s a hell of a lot more writes than the manufacturers’ stated drive lifetimes, and that’s good news for SSD-buying consumers."
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