Apr 16, 2015

Do I need to use anti-virus software with Ubuntu?

Is it necessary to use anti-virus software with Ubuntu? If so, any suggestions on which to use?
if you want to secure or use to antivirus then you can use

Comodo Antivirus
Avast! Linux Home Edition.
BitDefender Antivirus.

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No. Not for yourself. But as jimlynch pointed out below, it would still be a good idea to have it for those poor folks out there stuck with Windows. You might pas on a previously infected file to someone who will run it in Office and suddenly have to do business with a ransomware thief.

That being said, your own files, which you can read/write/delete, are theoretically vulnerable to anyone who can get to your system with your privileges. That hasn't happened yet with Linux, to my knowledge, but the point is BACK UP. Keep everything you want to save in your home directory backed up daily on a different drive just in case anything malicious ever does hit the Linux desktop. That protects you from hardware failure as well.

"Why do I need anti-virus software?

Isn't Linux virus-free?

For the most part, Linux is engineered in a fashion that makes it hard for viruses to run (click here for more info). However, there are many reasons you might want a virus scanner on your Linux PC:

you are required to have a virus scanner installed by the terms of use of the company you work for or are doing business with
to scan a Windows drive in your PC
to scan a Windows-based network attached server or hard drive
to scan Windows machines over a network
to protect a Windows virtual machine from within the virtual machine
to scan files you are going to send to other people

to scan e-mail you are going to forward to other people

some Windows viruses can run with Wine.

Linux virus infections are theoretically possible. "
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