Aug 26, 2011

Is it better to dual-boot or run virtualized systems?

I'm getting a new computer for running Windows 7 64-bit - YAY ME - and was wondering if there's a benefit to reformatting the drive into 2 partitions, and setting up one for Win7-64 and the other for Windows XP 32-bit. I have a couple of legacy apps I'm not ready to give up yet. Will XP run fine on a 64-bit machine? Is there a benefit to the dual partition methodology? I know it's kind of old school but I haven't decided yet if virtualization is feasible.


I'd try running a virtualized XP unless you need something that talks to specific ports. Most pc's don't use the serial port or printer port now anyway, or even have one, so that would be the only instance when you might want to run straight from a partition with XP rather than use a virtual machine. I'm real happy with VirtualBox (free) but you may want to check out Microsoft's Virtual PC which is also free. They also have an XP Mode / virtualization for Windows 7 Pro licenses.

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