Apr 15, 2015

How to resolve windows rundll error says "the specified module could not be found"?

my computer is saying on start up rundll error "the specified module could not be found" i tried everything but nothing just helped me . please help
Fix “The specified module could not be found” Error Message At Startup

"“The specified module could not be found” is an error message that can come on computer startup or appear itself whenever you launch a certain program or try to go online. Usually there are many reasons causing the error message occurs such as a related dll. file that is either corrupt or missing, or some software may not install or work properly. For this problem, it is easy to figure it out. Usually you can resolve the problem by replacing the corrupted file. But the most common reason that PC users should pay attention on is this error can be caused by a malware which is hiding inside your computer and capable of escaping security products. Undoubtedly it will put both your computer system and your privacy in a dangerous place."
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