Apr 14, 2015

How good can a display be before additional resolution improvements are imperceptible to the human eye?

I’m wondering when a display reaches the point where improved resolution can no longer be perceived. Obviously, the larger the display, the more easy it is to see increased resolution/higher pixel density, but I’m thinking more about a desktop display, not a killer home theater set-up. Can the average person even tell the difference between a 4k display and a 1080 display on a typical size desktop display (19-24”)?
Hitch has a great answer for this, but my own feeling is that we're already hitting the limits. I know that it's hard for me to tell the difference unless I get very close to the screen.
As you touched on in your question, much of it comes down to a combination of distance and resolution. Here is a link to a chart that shows the distance differences in resolution becomes noticeable for different size displays.

Geoffrey Morrison wrote a good article on C/Net a while back about 4K TVs. It doesn't directly address monitors, but I still think it is relevant.
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