Apr 10, 2015

How to record voice calls on Android phone?

Is there a way to record incoming calls on an Android phone. It’s running Android 4.4 if that matters.
it's illegal in just about every state unless you get the other person's permission. Google Voice can do this, but it let's the other party know.
I am using on my HTC Desire the call recorder called as Boldbeast Call Recorder
You need to download and install automatic call recording app. then it will recording your voice properly.
How to Automatically Record Calls on Android and Never Run Out Of Space

"I like email, because it’s permanent. When someone tells me something over email, it stays on record: I can look it up when I need it, and there can never be any confusion about what was said. With phone calls, not so. Have you ever forgotten important directions given to you over the phone? Or has a company ever reneged on its promise to you, and you were left with no way to prove that a service representative did indeed make that promise?

That’s when call recording becomes indispensable. Of course, if you have to remember to record every call, chances are you’re going to forget to record that one call that really matters. So, not just call recording, but automatic call recording – that’s what you need."
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