Aug 25, 2011

What's the best way to restore a Mac OS X Lion drive?

Seems Data Rescue is my best bet for a blunder I just made of erasing the wrong external HD. There's a few hundred gigs of video file data on there that I would like to recover if possible.

My big worry though is that I had been using FileVault to encrypt that HD. When I just did the accidental erase, it was with the format "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" again with the same password. I didn't do zero out or anything.

Knowing that FileVault is part of my complexity, would Data Rescue still be the way to go?

In my opinion, there is no best way, but only siutable way for your Mac to perform recovery operation. But I am not so clearly with your problem, do you mean restore your hard drive problem? Or do you mean to restore the files you lost from your Mac hard drive?

If you've met the first problem, you need to take it to the repair shop in warranty. If you've met the second one, then I will suggest you to stop using your Mac and find ways to get your lost files back. If you keep using your Mac, the data overwritten situation will happen and you will lose the chance to recover your data from your Mac.


A good data recovery program can serve the purpose.

Hi martinp,

As noted earlier, it's very important to do regular backups.

Here are a couple of resources that might be of interest to you:

Introducing Lion Recovery

"OS X Lion includes a new feature that lets you restore system software to your Mac with just a few clicks, without having to bother with install discs or drives."

Bugs & Fixes: How best to restore an OS X Lion drive

"If you ever need to restore the entire contents of an OS X Lion startup drive, or just perform a reinstall of the OS, you’ll find that there are numerous ways to accomplish these tasks. In fact, there are so many permutations, that I began to lose count after awhile. Trying to figure out the best method for your situation can get a bit tricky."

Back up your machine regularly (time machine, carbon-copy-cloner, etc) then you can restore from backup. (don't forget to RTFM before using any backup tool ). And be sure to pray to the media gods regularly to ensure that your backup media hasn't failed. I recommend using at least TWO backup methods so you always have one to fall back on should your "primary" backup fail. Hope this helps and good luck.


Do you mean:


1) recover a drive that has crashed?

2) restore a crashed hard disk that runs OSX 10.7x Lion?

3) restore a backup using Time Machine on Lion?

4) revert back to OSX 10.6x Snow Leopard after installing Lion?


from what?

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