Apr 09, 2015

How to use PlayStation 3 as Linux computer?

I was looking at old videos from around the launch of the PS3, and they mentioned that you could install Linux on the console. I still have a PS3 (a super slim if that is relevant), and this sounds like an interesting project. How do I install Linux on a PS3?
Is it possible to put Linux on my PS3 without the use of any other PC...???

"To directly answer the question: no. It is not possible to install a Linux on your PS3 without using an external computer. As already noted, last year Sony did an about-face on installs of Linux, removing the capability for native installs from the PS3 Slim. Earlier this year Sony began issuing requiring firmware updates that disabled the ability to install a Linux on the older Fat Playstation 3.

There are various firmware hacks that will still allow you to install a Linux on both the PS3 Slim and the original PS3. You just wouldn't want to unless you plan on running a pure console interface, or want to use a PS3 as a server. In either case, you could build an x86 computer that would be much more power efficient, and performance efficient, for those tasks.

The catastrophically big problem with Linux on the Playstation 3 is, not unsurprisingly, Nvidia. Nvidia outright refuses to produce a PowerPC compiled Nvidia-GLX driver, which excludes the possibility of any RSX support. This means that the only graphics driver the Playstation 3 will use under PowerPC Linux... is VESA. "
It was possible to install Linux on the first version of the PS3 (the "fat" or "phat" model). The feature was called "OtherOS," but when Sony replaced the fat with the slim model, they removed the capability. Sony also removed OtherOS capability from the "fat" with a system update in 2010. I'm sure you could figure out a way to do it if you are into modding/hacking your PS3, but I've never tried it.

Here's the wikipedia article about Other OS, if you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OtherOS
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