Apr 09, 2015

Which CPU is best in Chromebooks, ARM or Intel?

It seems that one of the first things mentioned in Chromebook reviews is whether it has an Intel or ARM CPU. What difference does it make to the end user? Is there an appreciable difference between the two?
I think intel is best cpu in chromebook.
Amazon has a list of bestselling laptops that includes Chromebooks. You might want to take a peek there and see if people are buying Intel or ARM based Chromebooks:


How To Geek also has a helpful article:

ARM vs. Intel: What It Means for Windows, Chromebook, and Android Software Compatibility

"Some Chromebooks use Intel chips, while other Chromebooks use ARM chips. Samsung’s popular Series 3 Chromebook uses an ARM chip, as does the new HP Chromebook 11. Many other Chromebooks use Intel chips.

On Chrome OS, this doesn’t matter too much. You can still run the same Chrome browser and web apps on an ARM processor. Flash and Netflix all function on ARM Chromebooks. Chrome OS doesn’t have the long history Windows does, so you won’t run into applications that can’t run on ARM."
ARM chips are really designed for smartphones and tablets. They are good at some things, such as cost and power efficiency, but Intel Chromebooks consistently perform better in pretty much every other way. Even ARMs advantage in power efficiency isn’t all that significant; an Intel Chromebook will still get you 6-8 hours of use in most cases, especially if you decrease screen brightness.

Given the choice, get a Chromebook with an Intel CPU. It will be smoother and faster, with a minimal penalty in battery life. I’d also highly recommend getting a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM. I’ve used them with both 2GB and 4GB, and there is a noticeable difference, especially as you increase the number of tabs you have open.

If you want to read more about Intel vs ARM for Chromebooks, there is a decent article on PCworld. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2834764/arm-vs-intel-why-chipmakers-want-your-chromebooks-brains.html
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