Aug 25, 2011

Recommendations for small business router/firewall/vpn device

We have a Fortinet Fortigate device in one of our branch offices that suffered a power outage in a storm. I was able to rejigger the config when one of the WAN ports got zapped, so it's functioning now, but since it's no longer under warranty, I'd like to get an inexpensive replacement. Now the performance of this unit has been just fine, but their tech support is practically undecipherable. Any recommendations for a Router/Firewall/VPN device we can use to replace this unit? I'm hoping to spend around $500.

I suggest Sonic WALL TZ 100 which is great for small businesses or high-end homes.
TZ 100 fully featured firewall with deep packet inspection that also works with SSL traffic by decrypting, inspecting and then re-encrypting each packet. It supports five VPN connections concurrently and allows for five separate VLAN interfaces.
I have used the following features in TZ 100:

1. Site-to-site VPN
3. Global VPN
4. Routing between LAN/WAN/VPN
5. Firewall
6. Port forwarding for internal servers
7. Dynamic DNS
8. Usage Monitoring
9. Access Control
10. Dual WAN
11. 1 to 1 NAT

And it works really well and reliably.

Hope it could help.

Instead of replacing your Fortinet device with another Fortinet, you should check out a Cisco ASA5505. It should only be around $500 depending upon how many concurrent internet connections you need - and Cisco's support is the best in the business. You could do a lot worse, and it sounds like you already had.

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