Apr 07, 2015

How do I remove mysearchdial.com from my google chrome ?

i have been facing this problem with my google chrome and i tried everything to get rid of myseachdial.com but nothing helped me. Please let me know how do i remove this search engine .
it is a browser issue that effects all search that you do on internet and it change your home pages and search results and it make your computer full of crap pop ups and junks .

open the Settings menu. Navigate down to Settings and click.

and change the search engine to the default of Google and make sure you remove all unwanted extensions. I hope this may solve your problem .. thanks and gud luck

"Open the Chrome menu. Click on the menu in the upper right hand of the Chrome window. It will look like three horizontal lines just underneath the "close program" x.

Open the Settings menu. Navigate down to Settings and click.

Remove it from the startup items. On the settings page, underneath "On Startup", you will see a checked item "Open a specific page or set of pages." Click "Set pages" on the right. A new window will open that says "Startup pages". You will see a line with MySearchDial on it. Move the cursor over it and an x will appear at the end. Click the x and that will remove it from the startup items. Click "ok", then close the browser and open Google chrome again, and your preferred home page should come up.

Where it says "Add a new page", set your preferred home page.

Remove the program entirely, if you want to. Open the extensions tab on the left of the Settings menu. Find the MySearchDial. Click the trash can icon in the row for MySearchDial. Follow the prompts. You will likely need to restart your browser."
go to the setting of your google chrome and scroll down then click Show advanced settings and again scroll down then click on reset setting .
You should try to reset your browser and block ups on your browser. once you will remove it then you need to go ahead and scan it with good antivirus from your computer.
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