Apr 03, 2015

How to stop AT&T from tracking all searches and browsing activity with “GigaPower” internet services?

AT&T has launched a competitive fiber service in some of the markets that Google Fiber has entered. However, you either have to pay at least $29 a month or they will monitor all of your online activity and sell that information for advertisers. Is there a way to stop them from tracking everything you do without paying the exorbitant extra fee to get tracking free internet services?
Michael has a good answer for this, but it seems to me the best way is to dump AT&T altogether. Why stay with them if this is how they are going to treat you? Get rid of them and send them a message that you will not tolerate this kind of abuse of your privacy.
Honestly, it looks like the only way is to pay AT&T’s ransom for your privacy. The actual cost works out to more than $29 a month to buy your privacy, by the way. According to a GigaOM analysis of charges, it works out to be between $44 and $66 per month extra if you don’t want to be monitored and have your personal information used by AT&T and shared with advertisers. Since AT&T is apparently using DPI (deep packet inspection) to spy on ALL of your internet activity, unless your traffic is encrypted AT&T can and will inspect it, monitor it, and monetize it.

I have AT&T internet service at my home, and I’m pretty happy with it. GigaPower is not offered where I live, but if it was, there is no way in hell that I would agree to the terms that AT&T is imposing. Since they generally only offer truly high speed internet in markets that Google Fiber has entered and forced their hand, I would run, not walk, to Google.

There was a good article in Slate recently about what AT&T is doing. It echoes my sentiments towards the company’s practices. http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/bitwise/2015/03/at_t_gigapower_the_company_wants_you_to_pay_it_not_to_sell_your_data.html
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