Aug 24, 2011

When was your last computer infection/affliction?

When was your last computer infection/affliction? Can you describe what happened, and how you fixed it? Malware attacks are getting more vicious, and it's important to be aware of what and how they work so that we can implement methods - not just software - to stop the spread of harmful wares.




Last year one of my friend buy a desktop and he was using macious usb on than time thier computer was not connected with internet.


If it was connected with internet may be not infected because antivirus need to be update




Alas, I cannot help you with this. I run Macs and Linux, and haven't noticed any infections or afflictions. I am careful though to run updates regularly and I try to avoid any behavioral issues that might lend themselves to getting any sort of infections.

I do have Windows 7 with Microsoft's security software, but I run it inside of a virtual machine so I'm not too worried about security issues. And I don't use it very often.

I think it's a good idea to have a comprehensive security software solution on your computer, especially if you are running Windows since it is targeted so frequently. It's better to be safe than sorry.

A gal in our office got an email claiming to be from the Post Office about a package she had ordered. Kind of stupid - how would the post office get your email address? Anyway, the malware goofed up the Symantec protection she had on her machine but I was able to run Microsoft Security essentials to fight the malware and remove it from the computer. It took a couple of hours to resolve. Apparently Symantec Antivirus ignores malware, which makes it pretty useless nowadays, at least in our case. She was running Windows 7 so it was not too difficult to clean; had she been running XP we would have ended up rebuilding it from scratch.

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