Apr 02, 2015

How to fix “limited” connection to home network with Windows 8.1?

I got an error message that says my connection to the network is limited. What does this mean and how can I get a normal “unlimited” connection to my network?
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Most probably you got limited connection once you are not getting internet from your internet provider otherwise you should reset your router.
Make sure the wireless switch is on. and the latest driver is installed, or Right-click the network icon Picture of the wireless network icon or Picture of the wired network icon in the notification area of your taskbar, and then click Troubleshoot problems and follow the instructions.
I think, this problem comes when your wireless driver are not properly updated . so you need to update it properly.
once you will do it then you will start working fine.
if it still not working then you need to change your security type. make it wep.
This means that you have a connection to your router, but not to the internet because your PC wasn't assigned a valid IP address. Before doing anything else, I would reset your router (just unplug the AC power for 15-20 seconds). There is a good chance that will resolve the issue, but if it doesn't then I would follow the steps in Jim's answer.
How to Fix Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue in Windows 8.1

"Users who have upgraded to Windows 8.1 may face "No Internet Access" or "Limited" connectivity issues with Wireless internet connection. First thing to try out to resolve the issue is to rollback drivers to an older version (Manufacturers Drivers) instead of the ones installed with Windows 8.1 by Microsoft.

Follow the procedure below:

Go to Device Manager

Go to Network adapters and expand it

Now from the list, choose your network adapter (Wireless Network Adapter) that is showing limited connectivity.

Right click on your wireless network adapter and choose Update Driver Software..

A new window will open, in which you are required to click on Browse my computer for driver software.

On next step, select, Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

Check the Network Adapters, and see how many are listed. You may find two drivers here; one by Microsoft and other from the Manufacturer.

Choose the Manufacturer’s drivers and select Next.

Upon completion, you are advised to restart your PC and check if your problem is solved. If not, proceed with next step."
This worked beautifully!!! Thank you very much!!! Have been racking my brain trying to figure this out.
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