Mar 29, 2015

How do I prove my facebook account has been hacked by an engineer who works at facebook?

Very complicated story but here goes. My ex brother in law is an engineer for facebook. I have been informed more than once that information on my Facebook profile as well as my boyfriends profile have been shared with my exhusband. My exhusband is blocked on both of our accounts. We do not have public profiles. Even if I had a mutual friend with my exhusband on Facebook who could share information, there is NO connection to my boyfriends account. My exhusband is an attorney and has manipulated many situations so this is not past him. It hIs his brother who works for Facebook. I guess he could just provide him with my boyfriends password, it if it is incrypted not sure how he can do that except he may be the person who engineers that stuff for Facebook. There has been many illegal things that have happened. It I have no prof and I am not tech savy. Any help will be appreciated greatly. I have a restraining order with my exhusband to protect myself and my privacy and he keeps violating it with back door maneuvers. I just need proof somehow.
You might want to contact Facebook and talk with them about it. Here's a page with some contact information:

You can use this link if you want to delete your Facebook account:
If Facebook is compromising personal information for someone's personal gain the. Facebook is going to have lots to explain.
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