Mar 27, 2015

How can I tell if my windows phone has been hacked?

Hey,Smartphones are used by each and everyone nowaday, there are that more chances that they get hacked since the operating system is the same as that of computers.As Technology is growing with a great pace so the hackers.
I am sharing few points which indicates that your phone is hacked:
-If you notice unfamiliar charges on your phone bill
-If your battery is draining extremely fast
-If your phone starts opening and closing apps
Take note of points to protect your phone from getting hacked:
-Keep the software of your phone up to date
-Be careful where to click because when you visit any site there are some advertisement pop ups around don’t ever click on them.
-Download a mobile security app in your device.

Signs & Symptoms of a Hacked Smartphone

"Smartphones today can be easily hacked using cheap or free software applications with all of the necessary information available for free online. Since smartphones have operating systems similar to computers, a successful hack will give hackers complete control of the device, from calls, to texts, to applications like Facebook and mobile banking. Unauthorized use or activity on the phone is the most telling sign of an intrusion, as well as abnormal service disruptions or changes to the phone's settings."
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