Mar 25, 2015

How do data saver extensions save bandwidth?

There are extensions available for the Chrome browser that claim to reduce bandwidth usage. I’m thinking specifically of Data Saver by Google. This would be a good thing for me, as I worry about bumping up against my limit at home every couple of months. How do they accomplish this sorcery?

"When this extension is enabled, Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them. SSL and incognito pages will not be included.

Please note that this extension is still in *Beta* mode. We appreciate you trying it out and sending us any feedback you have by clicking on the Chrome Menu in the top right corner then Help > Report an Issue.

You can also enable Data Saver on Mobile Chrome on Android and iOS from the Settings menu. "
It uses Googles servers for data compression. I actually installed the extension a couple of days ago myself, and have seen my data use decrease of 8.9%, from 341MB to 310.8MB.

A more detailed explanation from OMG!Chrome:
"The browser takes web content and funnels it through a secure ‘optimisation’ server maintained by Google. Here the size of images, video, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are stripped of needless information and compressed into a more efficient format. The freshly squeezed assets are then passed back to the browser using the efficient SPDY protocol."
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