Aug 22, 2011

Best drive for NAS or SAN?

I was under the belief that the best drive to install in a RAID was a faster, reliable drive - which is why 10,000rpm  SCSI was so popular. But now I'm finding articles which recommend using slower drives when a bundle of them are to be installed into a NAS or SAN, due to issues with heat dissipation and drive longevity. What has your experience been?


Well that's a good question - would you rather have a faster drive or less heat to deal with. I would think that the more expensive SAN solutions would have the heat problems licked - but then again, if you're paying tens of thousands of dollars more, you can probably afford more hard drives and more redundancy. For cheap NAS boxes like from Drobo or Synology, I would stick with Hitachi or Seagate or Western Digital - I've seen drives fail from all companies so it's kind of a gamble whomever you choose. Our company's NAS' don't consistently use one vendor or another, but I try to keep each NAS running with drives from the same vendor (Western Digital Caviar Black, of late, because they have a 5 year warranty)

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