Mar 24, 2015

How to forget network in Windows 8.1?

In Windows 8 I could just go to the network pane then right click on the network I wanted to forget, but this doesn’t seem to work in 8.1. How do you forget a network in Windows 8.1?
You can see your wireless network through which you are connected and right click on that network from which you want to forget.Once you will right click it will show forget network option.
You need to follow these option then you will able to forgot your wifi.

1. click on your network icon (you will able to see this icon on the button right hand side).
2.Now you will able to see your wifi name. you need to right click on that then you need to click on that and then you need to click on forget this network.

Finally your network will be forget and you can try to connect with the wifi.
if you want to forget your network in windows 8.1 then see this url
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