Mar 24, 2015

How to access the hidden “easter egg” game in Android Lollipop?

How do you get to the Flappy Bird like (except it is with little Android guys) hidden game in Lollipop?
You need to go to settings and then click on system. now you need to click on about phone, once you will click on about phone then you will able to version number of your phone.
you need to hit on that 5 or 6 times .
now you will able to see big screen. you can play the game now.
Go into settings, then scroll down and select "About phone" (or "About tablet" is appropriate). Repeatedly tap on "android version" and a lollipop will, er, pop up. Next, tap and hold the lollipop a few times. You will see an animation each time - when you do, tap and hold again. After 4-5 times, I forget the exact number, the Flappy Android game will appear. Waste time as needed.
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