Mar 24, 2015

Which browser is most secure?

Which browser is the most secure choice for PCs? Is there still a significant difference, or are all the “major” browsers pretty much the same at this point?
That's a tough question to answer since they al have their pros and ons. But here's an interesting article that has a helpful infographic included:

Which is the Most Secure Browser?

"Think you know which web browser will keep you and your data safe online? The real answer may surprise you.

It turns out that ranking web browser security isn’t all that cut and dried. There are a lot of factors that go into safe browsing online, and when you take them all into account, perhaps no one browser can truly be called the safest."
the most secure browser is internet explorer and you can also try mozilla firefox browser its fast and also secure ..
This is a serious question which demands serious answers.
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