Mar 24, 2015

Will Samsung listen to customers and ship the S6 without all the bloatware?

One question that I see posted repeatedly is how to remove TouchWiz from Samsung Galaxies. It’s obvious that many, many Galaxy owners would prefer a device with less “bloatware” built into them. HTC has streamlined its “Sense” interface lately; will Samsung do the same, or at least make it easier to remove with the newest Galaxy?
It looks like they dialed it back according to some reviews I've seen. Here's one from Android Authority:

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: the change we’ve been waiting for

"Finally, we come to Touchwiz, which has gone through a number of changes, and one of the first things we noticed was its silence, literally. When navigating around the user interface, those water drop noises and all those other annoying Samsung sounds are absent, which should be a plus for most users.

While many of the questionable features of Touchwiz were removed, that’s only part of the trimming done here, as several less important Samsung applications are no longer pre-installed.

This dialing back of the software is a refreshing change of pace, even if Touchwiz still looks a little too bubbly and too colorful, just like before. But there is a solution even for that, as the Galaxy S6 introduces a theme store, where you can find and install a whole new look for the interface. It’s not the most customizable version of themes we’ve seen, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

Users who just want a phone to work based on the typical Android multitasking and navigation experience will have no trouble with the Galaxy S6, and that’s quite a feat. If they do want a bit extra, they can dig deeper, without Touchwiz parading itself in their faces. This is definitely one of the smoothest and easiest software experiences Samsung has ever put out, and it stands out as one of the best in this current crop of flagship devices."
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