Mar 24, 2015

Is there a colorblind mode for Windows 8?

Is there a display setting in Windows 8 to make it easier for colorblind people to see?
You can make changes in the Ease of Access settings in Windows 8 to make it easier to see. Press the "Windows key"+U to open the Ease of Access menu. You can enter high contrast mode there, which may help, depending on the person.

If you are using IE, you can go into Internet Options>Tools, then change font and website colors.

colorblind mode in windows 8 Hold down the Fn key and press F6 for dimmer or F7 for brighter screen.
No laptops do not have a color blind setting.
Laptops do have a adjustment for the screen brightness and resolution.
Microsoft has a detailed article about accessibility settings for Windows 8 here:

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