Mar 22, 2015

Does the same save data work for both physical and digital copies of PS3 games?

I’ve been picking up a lot of really cheap PS3 games during PSN sales lately as well as the monthly freebies, and I’ve nearly filled up my 500GB HDD. If I get physical copies of games that I already have in digital form, will the game saves carry over to the physical game?
It looks like you already have an answer, but here's a link to the PlayStation support site in case you need it:
Generally yes. I've never had an issue, but I have heard of other people who have when they switched from physical to digital or vice versa. I suspect some of these problems were due to difference versions of the game, such as one being a GOTY edition and the other not. I know this isn't a satisfying answer; usually the save will transfer, but not always.
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