Mar 20, 2015

Will Nintendo replace the Wii U with the just announced NX console?

Will Nintendo replace the Wii U with the just announced NX console?
Nintendo just announced that it is working on a new console, code named NX. The Wii U was released in November 2012 in North America, and it seems awfully soon to be announcing a new console. Assuming that it is released in 2016, that would mean only a 4 year life for the Wii U, which is quite short by modern console standards. By comparison, the PS3 was released in 2006, the same year as the original Wii, and new content is still being released for it on a regular basis over 8 years later. On the other hand, while the Wii U seems to be hitting it’s stride to some degree with titles like Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Brothers, it has not met the same sales success as the earlier Wii, so maybe it should be replaced. What do you think about the timing - too soon, or just right?
All We Know About Nintendo’s NX Gaming Platform

"It can be used as a portable game device—at least. This is clear as day. Whether you can also hook it up to a TV or not, it must be a handheld. said, it’s possible that NX could also output to your television. I saw gaming video producer Ryan O’Donnell encapsulate this perfectly following the announcement, noting that Wii U was “backwards”: The guts of the machine should be in a handheld device, and the dumb terminal part should hook up to the TV.

NX is probably a suite of devices, not a single one. What we’ll probably see in 2016 when Nintendo takes the wraps off NX is the tip of the spear. Nintendo will need something that’s primarily portable to take the baton from 3DS. But even if the device we see doesn’t also work in the home, Nintendo will likely unveil other form factors that play similar (or identical) games but have different home-portable configurations. Maybe the hybrid device is real, but it’s not the first thing in stores. Maybe there’s a device that only works with the TV, but is significantly cheaper since it has no screen."
Well, they aren’t really announcing a new console, they are announcing that they are working on it. This isn’t surprising - it takes years to develop a new console. It’s also unclear whether this is a home console like the Wii U, a portable console (Nintendo uses that term) like the 3DS, or something entirely new. It won’t be released until 2016 at the earliest. If it is a replacement for the Wii U, expect to see it in November of 2016.

Nintendo also has to be careful not to alienate Wii U buyers by making the console life too short. They have a tendency to completely abandon consoles when the next gen is released, which would really annoy Wii U owners if the console was replaced soon. However, as you mentioned, the Wii U hasn’t sold very well. Nintendo doesn’t want to become irrelevant, although IPs like Zelda and Mario make that unlikely.
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