Mar 20, 2015

How will Microsoft convert Android phones to Windows 10?

I heard a snippet of news today that Microsoft is planning something that will convert Android phones to Windows 10. As I understand it, Windows will completely replace the Android OS. How would this work? In light of the fact that I can’t even get an update to the current version of Android through my carrier, it would seem that swapping the OS would be a big issue.
i think this feature trial is being run with a select group of owners of the Xiaomi Mi 4, a pretty impressive Android smartphone. Microsoft has created a custom ROM designed to completely replace the Android operating system, much like CyanogenMod. if you want to know more about this feature that how to convert microsoft andriod phone to windows 10 then go on this url and read it...
you need to use switch to windows app
They have created an os by the name of switch to windows phone. you need to use that app to convert your android phone to windows phone.
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