Mar 20, 2015

How to disable autoplay on YouTube?

How do I stop YouTube from automatically playing another video after the one I’m watching has ended. I watch YouTube in bed a lot, and it’s pretty common to wake up and find YouTube has been playing for hours after I fell asleep.
When your video is running on the right hand side you can suggestion or next video which would play after this. Here at the top right hand corner there is small option for turn off and on autoplay video.
Step 1:Launch your Web browser, navigate to YouTube and play a video in a playlist or channel. The Auto Play feature is automatically activated.
Step 2: Locate the button with two arrows in a circle, at the bottom of your screen, above the videos in the playlist or Channel, right next to the "Next Video" button. This is the Auto Play button.
Step 3: Click the Auto Play button to turn off the feature on YouTube. The playback stops when the current video ends
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