Mar 17, 2015

Why is Microsoft killing off Internet Explorer?

It’s been around nearly as long as there has been widespread internet access. It has broad name recognition. Why kill it off now? What's going to replace it, just a renamed version of IE?
Might be the problem would be related with virus.First you need to uninstall unwanted third party software and scan whole computer with Antivirus properly.After scanning reset your browser as default and try once again.It must be work.
I agree with aburinsky. While Internet Explorer has name recognition, I don’t think I would characterize it as “good.” In fact, almost everyone I know thinks of IE as the browser that their grandma uses and the one they replace with Chrome or Firefox. It has a long history of security vulnerabilities, and to some degree is a tainted brand. The sad this is that lately IE has been a pretty good browser. Perhaps by changing the name, less people will automatically replace it. At least that’s what Microsoft hopes.
Truth is it isn't going away. Microsoft is revamping a browser that has seen its fair share of bad press. They are simply ending the "Internet Explorer" brand. “We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10”...(you can read more in this article
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