Mar 16, 2015

How does a Mac know my location without GPS?

When I open Maps on a Mac, it marks my location with a blue dot. The Mac doesn’t have GPS, so how does it identify my location?
the mac can use wi-fi network identification for localization. wi-fi positioning system the access point name and single strength is determine & looked up in a database to identifiy your location. or cell-tower triangulation (together called Assisted-GPS), the Wi-Fi based localization works well inside buildings. thats the reason to identify your location
It tracks your location by the help of your IP address or DNS server which is locating your internet using place.
Number6 has a good answer, but here's a link with more information about Maps for the Mac:
Your Mac may not have GPS, but all those iPhones out there do, and they have been sending data on the locations of all the WiFi access points they encounter back to Apple for years. Google does the same thing, although they also use the street view camera cars for this purpose. Since the locations of the access points are know within a few dozen yards, it's pretty easy for Apple to determine your location even without GPS. If you are out in the forest somewhere with no WiFi access points nearby, it would not be able to determine your location.
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