Mar 13, 2015

How to watch videos offline on a Chromebook?

I have a trip scheduled next week, and I’d like to take my Chromebook on the flight to watch a movie or two. Is this possible? If so, what do I need to do to make it happen?
Chromebooks get offline playback for Google Play Movies & TV

"As promised, Google is giving Chromebook users a way to watch Google Play Movies & TV offline.

All you need is the latest version of the app from the Chrome Web Store. In your collection, you should see little download buttons by the bottom-right corner of each show. You can also go into settings and uncheck the “Prefer high quality audio” button.

Google announced offline viewing last month during a joint event with Intel, where the companies revealed several new Chromebooks and Chrome OS desktops from PC vendors."
I know that you can do it with Google Play movies. You have to use the Google Play Movies app, which is free from the Chrome Play store. Once you have that installed, any movies or shows that you own will show up when you open the app. In the bottom right hand corner of the movie “card” there is an icon to download that movie. Click on that, it will save the movie to your Chromebook, and you can enjoy your flight with your own movie selection. I find Chromebooks especially good for this use because of the excellent battery life compared to many laptops (especially if you turn down screen brightness a bit), plus you get a larger screen than with most tablets.
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